Time to Murder and Create par Block Lawrence

August 16, 2018

Time to Murder and Create par Block Lawrence

Titre de livre: Time to Murder and Create

Auteur: Block Lawrence

ISBN: 0515068012

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Block Lawrence avec Time to Murder and Create

The Spinner is dead, bashed on the head and left to rot in a river. One of his three blackmail victims must have been the killer - Scudder is determined to nail them.

Henry Prager has paid enough for the sins of his daughter, and begs Scudder not to destroy his shaky business or the fragile girl's reformed life. Beverly Etheridge cheerfully admitted all the sex acts Scudder had seen in the photos and she promises to show him a few more. Theodore Huysendahl offers Scudder enough money to choke even a blackmailer's greed, a proposition no sane man would turn down.

Scudder's code of honour demands that one of them will pay...

From the Back Cover
Small-time stoolie, Jake 'The Spinner' Jablon, made a lot of new enemies when he switched careers, from informer to blackmailer. And the more 'clients, ' he figured, the more money--and more people eager to see him dead. So no one is surprised when the pigeon is found floating in the East River with his skull bashed in. And what's worse, no one cares--except Matthew Scudder. The ex-cop-turned- private-eye is no avenging angel. But he's willing to risk his own life and limb to confront Spinner's most murderously aggressive marks. A job's a job after all and Scudder's been paid to find a killer--by the victim... in advance.

Lawrence Block was awarded the CWA Cartier Diamond Dagger in 2004. His novel A Walk Among the Tombstones has been adapted for Hollywood - starring Liam Neeson, Dan Stevens and Ruth Wilson. He is also a Grand Master of the Mystery Writers of America. He is the author of many novels and short stories and has won numerous awards for his mystery writing. He lives and works in New York City.