William Morris par Arthur Clutton-Brock

December 18, 2018

William Morris par Arthur Clutton-Brock

Titre de livre: William Morris

Auteur: Arthur Clutton-Brock

Broché: 80 pages

Date de sortie: July 15, 2007

ISBN: 1859954022


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Arthur Clutton-Brock avec William Morris

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William Morris - William Morris (24 March 1834 – 3 October 1896) was a British textile designer, poet, novelist, translator, and socialist activist.Associated with the British Arts and Crafts Movement, he was a major contributor to the revival of traditional British textile arts and methods of production. His literary contributions helped to establish the modern fantasy genre, while he played a significant . William Morris Wallpaper - William Morris was a remarkable man, whose accomplishments were legion. In his own lifetime, he was a well-known poet, an accomplished businessman, a Socialist, a conservator of historic and ancient buildings, as well as a designer of tiles, tapestries, carpets, linoleum, stained glass, and furniture.. William Morris London - In 1996, Robert William Morris created William Morris London – an independent company with a very ‘British’ brand. The aim? To offer designer glasses to every audience, providing superb original designs which continually evolve.. Home - The William Morris Gallery displays the life and work of the radical Victorian designer, craftsman and campaigner, William Morris, and explores his continuing relevance today.. William Morris Agency - The William Morris Agency attained further industry dominance with the December 1949 acquisition of the Berg-Allenberg Agency. The senior agent in the motion picture department during the 1950s was Mike Zimring.. By 1965, WMA's Music Department had emerged as an industry powerhouse, representing, among others, the Rolling Stones, Sonny & Cher, the Beach Boys, and the Byrds.. William Morris: A Brief Biography - illiam Morris was born on March 24, 1834, at Elm House, Walthamstow. Walthamstow in those days was a village above the Lea Valley, on the edge of Epping forest, but comfortably close to Lonmdon.. William Morris — Wikipédia - William Morris, né le 24 mars 1834 à Walthamstow, Essex (aujourd'hui dans le borough londonien de Waltham Forest) et mort le 3 octobre 1896 à Hammersmith, Londres, est un fabricant designer textile, imprimeur, écrivain, poète, conférencier, peintre, dessinateur et architecte britannique, célèbre à la fois pour ses œuvres littéraires, son engagement politique libertaire, son travail . WME - Global leader in entertainment, sports and fashion. Our website uses cookies to improve user experience. Please click here to read more. By continuing to browse you are giving us your consent to our use of cookies.. William Morris Wallpaper (PICTURES) - The year 1862 is noticeable as the period when William Morris commenced to design his special wallpapers, and his firm, Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co., exhibited these with furniture and tapestries in one class, stained glass windows in another, in the Exhibition of that year.. William Morris - William Morris, even after his retirement in 2007, has a special place in the history of modern sculpture in glass. His anthropological empathy, his respect for communal ancestors and civilizations long past, and his uncanny ability to make glass look like everything except, well, glass, certainly created a profound body of work that continues to fascinate audiences..