Madame Bovary (Folio (Gallimard)) par Gustave Flaubert

October 15, 2018

Madame Bovary (Folio (Gallimard)) par Gustave Flaubert

Titre de livre: Madame Bovary (Folio (Gallimard))

Auteur: Gustave Flaubert

Broché: 513 pages

Date de sortie: May 1, 2001

ISBN: 207041311X

Éditeur: Gallimard

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Gustave Flaubert avec Madame Bovary (Folio (Gallimard))

Madame Bovary (Folio (Gallimard)) par Gustave Flaubert a été vendu pour £5.70 chaque copie. Le livre publié par Gallimard. Il contient 513 le nombre de pages. Inscrivez-vous maintenant pour accéder à des milliers de livres disponibles en téléchargement gratuit. Le livre disponible en PDF, epub, audiobooks et beaucoup plus de formats. L’inscription était gratuite.

Over 150 years since its first publication the power of Madame Bovary remains undiminished. Stunningly translated by Adam Thorpe, this edition brings us closer to Flaubert's original. Weaned on sentimental novels, Emma Bovary longs for a life of luxury and high romance. She is married to a kind but mediocre country doctor and is plagued by expectations of something more, some more intense experience, some wider horizon if she could only find it. She seeks to escape from boredom in extravagant shopping sprees and eventually, adultery. But even her affairs bring her disappointment and so begins her descent into ruin and despair. First published in 1857, Madame Bovary is one of the richest novels ever written; a mille-feuille of nuance, subtlety and psychological acuity. Linguistically meticulous, Thorpe delicately transposes the rhythms of Madame Bovary bringing us closer to Flaubert. This stunningly translated edition of Madame Bovary is destined to become the definitive English translation for our time.